Why I plan to write a blog post 5 days a week

A week ago I made a decision to try to write a blog post everyday, partly an experiment and partly a self-development goal now that I reach my 30’s. So far, it has been a great, unneeded source of stress; but for the moment, I will stick to it. For those of you doubting it, here are the reasons why you should not do it:

  • Vulnerability: Writing it your thoughts on a screen for the World to see requires exposing yourself to criticism (even if it’s just your mom reading your blog). I find myself searching for pieces of supporting data all over the web to back my thinking and close holes in my arguments.
  • Time: To write something meaningful, I have not been able to dedicate under 2 hours of work daily. How on Earth can you pull this off?
  • Stress: It is stressful not knowing what to write about. It feels like an antivirus always running in the background, taking a toll on my mental RAM.

However, I can find plenty of reasons to try it:

  • Structure: It helps me structure my thinking. Knowing that this will stay here forever requires me to be clear and careful about structuring my thoughts.
  • Attention: Since I need to produce something meaningful daily, I am constantly, subconsciously, on the lookout for meaningful things.
  • Development: Creativity and good writing are muscles that I believe should be exercised. Creating a writing habit, I hope, will allow me to produce good work on cue.

So far, my guiding light have been bloggers who write regularly and whom I admire. Paul Krugman, Yannis Varoufakis, Malcolm Gladwell (whose Birthday also is today!) and Seth Godin come to mind. For now, there is little I can say as to whether their case is “nature vs nurture”, but I will update on any new learnings I find. If in the end I come out realizing that this is best left to the privileged few, I will be all the better for it.

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